Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Create a CRM 4.0 lookup user control in ASP.NET

I got one requirement In a project related to CRM to create a lookup user control with look and feel same as lookup control in MS CRM 4.0

After spending some days Me and Team successfully developed the CRM 4.0 lookup control. To include it in the page just add two below lines in the page.

1- Register the "ascx" Control in a page

<%@ Register Src="Controls/LookupControl.ascx" TagName="LookupControl" TagPrefix="ucLkp" %>

2- to use at your location just add this line

<ucLkp:LookupControl ID="lkpAnsWbs" runat="server" />

If you have any requirement to develop the same type of control then please put a comment in this post to find a code.

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