Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Create and Sending Email in CRM 4.0

Use the following code to send an email to multiple customers in CRM4.0

SendMailToMembers(ICrmService crmService, ArrayList members, String msgBody, Guid ownerID, Guid userID,string subject)

// create an email
email emailCreate = new email();
emailCreate.subject = subject;
emailCreate.description = msgBody;

//specify the owner for the mail
emailCreate.ownerid = new Owner();
emailCreate.ownerid.type = EntityName.systemuser.ToString();
emailCreate.ownerid.Value = ownerID;

//create an activityparty array holding all the guids specified in the members array list
activityparty[] ap = new activityparty[members.Count];
// creating as many activity party as the no of users or members in a team
int i = 0;
foreach (String memberID in members)
ap[i] = new activityparty();
ap[i].partyid = new Lookup();
ap[i].partyid.type =;
ap[i].partyid.Value = new Guid(memberID);

// specify to part of the email = ap;

// specify the from part of the email
activityparty from = new activityparty();
from.partyid = new Lookup();
from.partyid.type = EntityName.systemuser.ToString();
from.partyid.Value = userID;
emailCreate.from = new activityparty[] { from };

// finally create the email and get the guid of the email
Guid emailId = crmService.Create(emailCreate);

// Create an SendEmailRequest object
SendEmailRequest req = new SendEmailRequest();
req.EmailId = emailId;
req.TrackingToken = string.Empty;
req.IssueSend = true;

// Finally Send the email message.
SendEmailResponse res = (SendEmailResponse)crmService.Execute(req);

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