Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to enable the security tab in folder properties for Windows XP.

follow the given bellow steps to find security tab in folder properties.
1.go to run promt
2.type gpedit.msc policy window will open that window u can see computer configuration
5.under that option u can see windows settings. that option and click security settings. u can see one folder in the name of
local policies .click that option u can see security option . click that. u can see more options in one window.
10. now press "N" and search where is
NETWORK ACCESS: SHARING AND SECURITY FOR LOCAL ACCOUNTS option. that option. and new window will pop up that window u can see one drop down box.
now u should select classic: local users
authendicate as themselves.

now close all the windows .open one folder select properties . now u can see security tab...

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